About HPK


CI Introduction The corporate identity of HPK, a forerunner in laser, inspection, and automotive equipment sectors,

reflects its revolution to become a passionate and dynamic company, people and environment-oriented company, and smart high-tech company.

  • H


    People-oriented management
  • P


    Infinite potential
  • beyound


    Global Company
  • HPK in bold and blue letters
    express our robust and reliable aspects.
  • The image on the right
    express that we are a global company that is soaring high.
  • The dots in three colors
    symbolize the three primary colors, for we are a laser-specialized company.
Color Type
  • Deep blue

    Process Color : C94 M74 Y9 K0
    RGB Color : R7 G74 B150

  • Sky blue

    Process Color : C75 M26 Y0 K0
    RGB Color : R30 G149 B212

  • Red

    Process Color : C0 M100 Y100 K0
    RGB Color : R230 G0 B18

  • Forest green

    Process Color : C6 M0 Y100 K0
    RGB Color : R88 G180 B49