About HPK



Global Company

  • 2020

    Applied for patent for new material (Korea, US, Europe, Japan and China)

    Melt-spinning technology for cabon fiber production

    Cathode material manufacturing technology for high-quality lithium ion batteries

    Certified as a company specialied in carbon in Jeollabuk-do

  • 2019

    Won LG Electronic's Best Partner Comapny

    Relocated the office building to Pyeong-tak, Gyeonggi-do

    Developed battery equipment related technology

    Designated as the Small Giant Company of Korea

    Won Korea's best

    Won the 'Korea's Best Employer Award'

    Won the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Prize (CEO)

    Won the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Prize (CEO)

    Recieved the Silver Tower Award (CEO)

    Certified as a Small/Medium and Venture Business for National Defense

  • 2018

    Recieved 30 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

    Developed precursor technology for carbon fiber

    Developed inspection system for Hyundai Mobis Audio

  • 2017

    Eurostarts 2 (Korea - Germany) international cooperation

    Eureka Innovation Award

    Designated as the company with the best industrial technology by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea

    Established a Carbon Composite Material Research Institute in Jeonju

    Developed Triple Camera Module Inspection System

    Selected as a company which actively fosters talents by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups