About HPK

A Message from the CEO

Join HPK on an ever expanding global journey in which your imagination comes true

HPK(Human, Potential, beyond Korea) has been advancing its standards to the global best practices while overcoming its limitations to make imaginations into a reality. It has transformed itself into one of the world's most innovative companies with infinite growth potential, which puts the value of people first. HPK has become one of the top-tier global firms in laser, inspection, and automotive equipment thanks to constant innovations through constant communication with customers. As we at HPK never rest on our laurels, we are laying the groundwork for another massive breakthrough by creating new business opportunities and expanding investments in secondary cells, new materials, and energy sectors for the future generations. I extend my deepest gratitude to customers, employees, and executives for all your support for the advancement of the company. As we HPK progress toward our dream with you, we pledge to cooperate with you and provide full support on your journey of realizing your dream.

Cho Chang-Hyun, CEO of HPK